Comments & Questions of our Tourist
& google map to get you here.

The Black Hills

A life time of beauty and entertainment.

    Just a couple of hundreds of stories about our experiences here in the Black Hills as business owners and the great customers we see from around
the United States & the World.

    One question from a lot of potential guests is. If I
come a visit for a few days is there enough to see and
do.  Well I think all of our locals will tell you the same.
Come and spend the whole summer and you will still not have seen and done it all.

    Is there a place close by to fish???  Wow is there.
There are about a dozen lakes and several trout streams to fish in and you can get on line " "
for more information & licenses.

 Sorry, but do not bring your fireworks to the Hills.

 Sorry, Custer State Park is a great day trip, but do not
attempt to play, pet or do a selfie with the buffalo.  It can ruin your vacation.
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